Meet Hailey Jones

Meet Hailey Jones

Meet Hailey Jones Meet Hailey Jones Meet Hailey Jones




Who is Hailey?

A gal with the intent to live intentionally, living the loving truth of her words-- through her art and by being in her light-- inspiring others to do the same. 

Below you will find the detailed description of her offerings into the world, if interest is sparked within you about anything here, please inquire deeper!

Oh, and check out her blog at  or enjoy her comedy performances, poems, songs on her youtube channel.

Overview/Quick Jumps!

Theatre Workshops


Hosted by Hailey


The Elf Experience


Soul Paintings


The Story of the Magic Bus


Other Fun things...



No upcoming events.

Hosted by Hailey + Friends


Hailey + Friends currently host a variety shows that might be happening  in a town or city near you!

TBA THROUGH 2020 at the Tudor House

JULY 2020 in Willow Creek, CA

Audiences are saying things like:  

"It was like stepping in a time machine." 

"Great Entertainment" 

"Best show I've seen in forever."


SUBMISSIONS for the Variety Show

Calling all Talent: Seeking for new & unique acts.

+ Email Submissions to Hailey 

+ Subject Line: “Variety Show: Your Name Here
+ Please specify your town!

 + Brief description/bio of yourself/act

+ Video of Work/Act Sample (if you have it)

Hailey's "Friends"

Meet Safety Sue:


“Hi There, I’m Safety Sue. Usually I’d say the internet is not a safe a place for meeting strangers, however times are changing.  Please let me know if you would like me at your conference or event to enforce safety. 

Safety First!"

Meet Spatula:


“So, I’m Spatula. I am clown. You might guessed that by my glasses or the more obvious, my nose. I try my best to be the best I can be and that's often very silly to some, ridiculous to others. But that is my nature, so... you're welcome?"

And many others!


Like: A. Jolly Elf, Snailey, That Hippie Chick- Bird, Janet, Christmas Carol, and many more. Hailey can even generate a character and/or performance specific for your event/location.

Hailey is also a "normal" actress.

For Performance Resume, click here

Theatre Workshops

Hailey's Teaching Philosophy

Using her extensive background in comedy, physical theatre, ensemble creation, and meditative arts-- Hailey offers a unique fusion within the realm of theatrical creation. Viewing theatre as a healing art, her focus is to empower the individual through the group. It is a true dance of collaboration with all involved. Her classes tend to be transformative for those who participate fully, assisting in bringing a dynamic presence and confidence in many areas of each individuals life!

Adult Acting Classes

To be or not to be (an actor)? Doesn't really matter! Hailey believes everyone can gain practical skills from theatre and improv. games and exercises. 

Are you ready to to BE an avid explorer of the voice, body, and imagination-- that is the the question?  

Cost: $20 a class

located by: the Tudor House

Summer Theatre Camp

The innovative explorers of this week long theatre camp will focus on generating from what’s around and within them. Students will use their voice, body, imagination, found objects, creative space, and each other in an exciting blend of games & exercises. There will be an informal performance on last day.

Hailey is passionate about bringing theatre to rural areas that present limited opportunity for creative learning. 

Speciality Workshops

+ The Fools’ Box + A sandwich packed class of comedy, improv, slapstick, clown, eccentric character.  

+ NATURAL Movement + 

Learn powerful presence thru enacting elements of the natural world.

+(meta) Physical Acting & Creation+

Awaken and empower your creative presence through guided visualization, walking meditations, bodywork, partner balancing, intuitive flow creation...

Private Lessons (all ages)

Preparing for an audition? 

Needing some specialize focus?

Looking for a generative collaborator?  

If you said yes to any of the above, 1:1 sessions might be the right fit! Each session is catered to the needs of the individual. 

$30 for an hour long lesson. 

$100 for a four lesson package.
available online or in person.


Do you feel you or your school/town/community would benefit from a theatre workshop with Hailey?

Would love to curate an experience with you.

Dates, times, prices, age groups, and so on are all determined based on individual and/or community needs.

My Youtube Channel

Here is just one video of many from my youtube channel! Poems, songs, comedy, and more!

Hailey's Healings + Soul Paintings


"Be your own star, twinkle your own light." Hailey (at age 11)

Hailey's Healings are infused with a mix of: guided visualization, energy psychotherapy, medicine card readings, dream guidance, intuitive counseling, vocal alchemy (toning+chanting), abdominal/womb massage*, storytelling, and poetic play. 

$44-$88 (sliding scale) of energy sessions.

$88-$144 for abdominal massage sessions

Sessions are confidential and generally last 45 minutes to 2 Hours.

*Abdominal/Womb massage is a conversation. Before any session is scheduled, we'll have phone call just to discuss the practice and what's going on in your body. Women especially, I can also hook you up with a lot of different womb health practices and before you know it you'll be loving your flow more than ever before!

Soul Expression

Hailey can do a less formal healing session by tuning into your energy and create a healing expression from there-- these come through as soul drawings or paintings. Once completed, these soul expressions act as wonderful meditation tools or a unique art piece for your space!

Soul Expressions cost $33 for an oil pastel on paper, $66 + shipping for oil painting* on canvas. 

See samples below. See how each one is unique and beautiful as the person/space they are for.

*Please note that oil paintings take at least a week to dry! 

Hailey's Magic Bus


Before taking her summer teaching tour in 2017, Hailey put the intention out that she was ready to move to California... a week later she received an email about an old bus that needed a new home. It ran and was a blank slate of creation (complete with hardwoods). After a phone call and a well written letter, Hailey was GIFTED the bus. "We just want to see it with new life," said the generous musical festival guys. Soon after there was magical moving of a bus up the mountain to a small parcel of land that Hailey owns. And after a little construction, the bus that needed a home, became a home.

Hailey lived there for a year and a half and it was absolutely wonderful.

Then with a shift of events, Hailey was informed by the Building and Safety Code Enforcement that it is ILLEGAL to camp or occupy your own vacant land. 

So, as of February 2019-- Hailey moved to Hollywood.

The land has been sold. And the bus is still currently in Hailey's possession, resting in Lake Arrowhead.

Bus Life Articles:
"The Gifting of the Magic Bus"
"Bus Life the S Way"

Hailey's Old Home


Welcome to the Circus: Kansas City, Missouri

In the summer of 2008, Hailey L. Jones and her father, Jeffrey C. Jones purchased a foreclosed house (built in 1906) in the Hyde Park region of Kansas City, Missouri. Mister Jones put down the down payment, leaving his daughter in charge of everything after that. Becoming a homeowner at age eighteen meant Hailey really needed to get her ducks in a row, which was a true challenge because she did not have ducks. 

With many tenants and their animals coming and going, the house adopted the name of “The Circus”. Hailey learned how to wear a landlady hat, and overtime how to shake her old landlady fist. As her home evolved, Hailey began to see her eclectic boarding house as a sanctuary for travelers on life’s literal highway. 

In the past ten years, the Circus held over 30 long term residents, 100 couch surfers, and probably well over 2,000 Airbnb guests. 

In June 2018, Hailey handed over the house mama apron and deed Christiana Coffey, who had been a consistent caregiver over the years. Christiana continues to nurture the home and it continues to thrive as an Airbnb... and it's not unlikely you'll see Hailey there for time to time. Keeping it in the family!

Contact Hailey

Email me here!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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For all others inquiries:
theatre workshops
performance opportunities
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character bookings
healing work

soul paintings

and beyond...
Please email with complete contact information and purpose!